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Our flexible, state-of-the-art production facility allows us to colour granules of all polymers in a very short time: from commodities (PEPPPS and more) to technical materials (such as ABSBlendsPA 6-66-11-12PBTPCPETPMMAPOMPSUSANTP), also enhanced or with additives. In addition, we develop special formulations for food contact, in compliance with current European and US regulations, and on request also for Chinese, Japanese and South American regulations.


Our production process involves the colouring of transparent and opaque coloured granules neither our polymers or contracted to us. The granules coloured with our patented system are a guarantee of colour perfection that enhances, in particular, the beauty of transparency.

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Our coloured powders follow the same patented production process as the granules, guaranteeing a perfect result. We can colour any kind of powder creating customzied solutions and developping new shades reminiscent of stone, terracotta, concrete, wood, metal, pearl, paper, fabric, water or playing with the light: we invent your colour to make original and unique your product.
We play with the light adding phosphorescent, photoluminescent effects, interference colours.

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Our colour concentrates are primarily designed for high-end products from any industry.

We can add additives to your material, according to individual requirements and in a highly customised manner: synergetic masters of colour and different special effects create a unique mix, the result of combining creativity, innovation and technology.

Thanks to the experience gained in Vesticolor® colouring, the colour is already formulated before it passes through the extruder, guaranteeing the consistency of the result. For each appliation we provide our service of technical support ot get to the formulation of the best performing product after careful analysis from the performance and economic aspect.

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Coloured compounds are made using the traditional mass extrusion technique. They are the ideal solution for all those products where the high percentage of fillers, additives and colour makes extrusion production more suitable.
Our range includes several lines of co-rotating twin-screw extruders, whose screw profiles are designed and adapted to the specific needs of the customer and compound.
Furthermore, we also process compounds with a high percentage of material from the circular economy.

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Thanks to our patented technology, we can produce polymers – coloured on the surface and neutral on the inside – from sustainable sources.
ISCC+ Certification guarantees the traceability and the compliance with the production chain.

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